February 1, 2016 Optical System Alignment and Wavefront Measurement – Buyers Guide Chapter 4

In this blog the alignment of optical systems with a Fizeau interferometer is discussed. The goal of a system wavefront test is alignment and confirmation of system performance. The measurement of optical system wavefront often requires a custom interferometer. When a fully reflective system is measured a standard HeNe laser Fizeau is sufficient as the wavelength does… read more »

January 29, 2016 Lap Polished Flats, Spheres and Prismatic Components – Buyers Guide Chapter 3

In this blog the measurement of optics with a Fizeau interferometer that have been lap polished is discussed. What interferometer is needed to produce good parts? Each manufacturing process requires a specific measurand, the quantity to be measured, to provide the feedback necessary to control the process and produce good parts.  In the following posts several applications… read more »

January 22, 2016 Brief History of the Laser Fizeau Interferometer – Buyers Guide Chapter 2

Click here to read an detailed history In this blog a brief historical outline of the Fizeau interferometer is presented. Understanding the history of the commercial laser Fizeau interferometer helps to understand the choices available in today’s market. Some systems available today are remnants of historic designs. Circa 1850: Fizeau Interferometer Invented Hippolyte Fizeau invented this interferometer… read more »

January 21, 2016 Fizeau Interferometer Buyers Guide – Chapter 1

The many laser Fizeau interferometer choices make selection confusing. You don’t want an laser Fizeau interferometer. You just want optics that meet specification, and your Fizeau interferometer helps you do just that.  Yet choosing the right interferometer can be confusing.  Just consider the choices: Data Acquisition PSI, IPMI, or Carrier Fringe, or wavelength tuning, vibration insensitive, vibration… read more »

October 19, 2015 SPIE: Optifab Rochester NY

It was great making new acquaintances and meeting old friends in Rochester.  Optifab continues to be a premier event for optical manufacturers and equipment makers alike. Even the autumn weather did not disappoint. The REVEAL v1.3 reception was excellent!  The new features and capabilities struck a positive cord regarding ease of use and functionality.  Especially… read more »

February 26, 2015 Photonics West – REVEAL & 12″ Fizeau

We had an exciting and active Photonics West this year. Co-exhibiting with Davidson Optronics we demonstrated Davidson’s new 12″ interferometer, designed by Äpre Instruments with Davidson, for Davidson’s manufacture and sales.  ÄPRE performed all the sensor’s optical, optical mechanical design, system electronics, firmware and software, which of course runs on REVEAL™.  This was an exciting project and… read more »

September 9, 2014 Measurement Repeatability: How much is enough?

How many times have you looked at an interferometer specification and to see a number under Simple Repeatability like λ/10,000 and wondered, “Who cares?”  Add to this the long footnotes that tell you how the number was obtained, usually through significant averaging, idealized short interferometer cavities (think 1 mm) and statistics from around 30 measurements.  Then… read more »

April 22, 2014 Which Result is “Right”?

What accuracy can be achieved with an Interferometer? Instrument correlation sets a performance base line for metrology instruments.  When parts are manufactured and shipped, correlation between vendor and customer is expected.  If metrology systems do not correlate arguments ensue regarding who is right. Several years ago I received a call from a quality manager.  He… read more »

March 21, 2014 Nothing lasts forever: Interferometer Upgrades

Summary The main culprit to interferometer failure is a computer crash due to drive failure. The main cost is often lost production due to down time. Planned upgrades of production systems can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production. After 10 years it is best to plan an upgrade of all systems when… read more »

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