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October 19, 2015SPIE: Optifab Rochester NY

It was great making new acquaintances and meeting old friends in Rochester.  Optifab continues to be a premier event for optical manufacturers and equipment makers alike. Even the autumn weather did not disappoint.

The REVEAL v1.3 reception was excellent!  The new features and capabilities struck a positive cord regarding ease of use and functionality.  Especially of interest is REVEAL’s unique reporting function.  The ability to create a custom report template for each customer, and not just print out a screen dump, makes shipping documentation easier and meaningful at the same time.

Upgrades to classic interferometers continues to be a hot item.  Several times old friends stopped by to say hello, to learn that a useless interferometer they had sitting in a corner could be easily resurrected, with improved performance, and at a low cost.

We can feel the momentum building as REVEAL powers new OEM interferometer applications and the easy upgrade of classic interferometer.  Let us know how we can help with your optical test interferometry needs.

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