Training Videos

SCI: Measure Optical Wedge via Internal Fringes

SCI: Plane Parallel Plate Measurement (back side measured)

SCI: Fast & Easy Measurement of Right Angle Prism

SCI: Stack of Three Substrates Quickly Measured

SCI: Polished Homogeneity of Plane Parallel Plates (PHOM)

SCI: Measuring and Comparing 2 Surfaces with Step Separation

Wedge Measurement with Laser Fizeau (Transparent & Reflective substrates)

Corner Cube Retro-Reflector Measurement with Fizeau & REVEAL software

REVEAL Getting Started

REVEAL Measure Single & Average

REVEAL Masking 1

REVEAL Masking 2

REVEAL Architecture: Analyses, Analysis Tree & Profiles

Aperture Pixel Part Size Calibration

REVEAL Auto Sequence & Save Data

REVEAL and MetroPro 9 Compared

Saving Arbitrary Processed Data

Reports: Using and Creating

Default vs. Dataset: Program Configuration Settings

Island Analysis

Sub Aperture Analysis

Slope Analysis

Cylinder Analysis

Installing REVEAL

Updating REVEAL

Uninstalling REVEAL

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