Typical Upgrade Specifications

System Overview

Measurement Capability
Measures surface and transmitted wavefront
Measurement Techniques
Vibration Tolerant Phase Shifting interferometry
Alignment System
2-spot with reticle with 2° capture range
Test Beam Diameter
4 inch (102 mm)
Optical Centerline
4.25 in (108 mm)
Laser Source
Un-stabilized 633 nm HeNe, Class IIIa
Camera Resolution
1000 X 1000 pixels
Shutter Speed – shortest
20 μs
10 bits
Image Resolution
~400 μm over entire FOV (Optically Limited)
Image Distortion
Up to 2% over entire focusing range
Focus Range
±2 meters
Computer & Software
PC, any Windows® 64-bit OS, REVEAL software
Mounting Configurations
Horizontal or Vertical
Accepts industry standard bayonet
Physical (L x W x H)


RMS Repeatability
<0.5 nm RMS 2σ – with NO averaging
RMS Wavefront Repeatability
<0.4 nm RMS 2σ – with NO averaging
Maximum Fringe Resolution/Slope
>1.5 Fringes/mm or
>150 fringes across the aperture
Retrace Error @ Maximum Fringes
~0.13 waves

Operating Environment

15 to 30C (59 to 86F)
<1.0C/15 min
5 to 95% relative, non-condensing
Vibration Isolation
Isolation System recommended for PSI

Specifications subject to change without notice

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