Interferometer Upgrades and Restorations

Upgrade Your Outdated Interferometers

ÄPRE upgrades have saved our customers >$4,500,000 over buying new!

Nothing Lasts Forever

Old Zoom Systems
Low Resolution Camera
Dirty or Misaligned Optics
Failing Laser
Obsolete Software
Screen Grab Reports
Operation System a Hacking Risk
Computer Crashes or Died
Poor Options?
Buy new @ same performance
Expensive Upgrade
Abandon a Paid for Asset

ÄPRE Upgrades Make Sense

New Camera & Electronics

1K X 1K Camera
New Electronics/Remote
New Computer

New Software

REVEAL + Windows 10 64 bit OS
Reads/Write .dat format
Free upgrades for LIFE

Clean, Align, Repair

Accessible optics are cleaned
Any gross mis-alignments completed
Repairs are fixed on approval

Upgrade Specifications

Download Monitor Form
Upgrade Specifications

Most Interferometers Are Upgradeable

Zygo® Interferometers

Mark II, Mark IV, Mark GPI XPS
GPI & Verfire
CAN & Non-CAN bus
DVD 400

Other Manufacturers

Phase Shift Technology: Minifiz
Wyko 4000 & 6000
Wyko Ladite
Fujinon F601

How it Works

Teamviewer TRAINING

Why Upgrade?

The upgrade took 4 weeks and saved us $30,000. We were able to roll that savings into a radius of curvature update; we now have a new system with increased capability and came in under budget.
Jason C.REO
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