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Optical manufacturing demands accuracy – from start to finish. Apre’s state-of-the-art interferometers do just that by improving quality while simplifying process control. Rely on our precision interferometry solutions for fast, accurate measurements of surfaces, substrates, prisms, flats, spheres, wedges, wavefronts, and more.

Optical Measurement Solutions

Surface and Wavefront Interferometers

Fizeau and LUPI interferometers go from measurement to report in <5 seconds. Highly accurate, repeatable, and traceable.

SpectrÄ SCI for Substrates and Prisms

Spectrally Controlled Interferometers directly measure surfaces and angles in one setup, for an ROI of < 1 year.

REVEAL Optical Metrology Software

REVEAL easily generates interferometer measurement reports that are precise and traceable.

Custom Metrology Systems

Your application, your requirements, and your schedule. Partner with our experts to design and manufacture a robust, manufacturable interferometry system that includes:

• Optical Design
• Mechanical Design
• Software
• Stages, Fixtures, and Accessories

Not sure where to start? We can work from scratch or begin with a file from our library of proprietary designs. No matter where you begin, you’ll end up with a system custom-tailored for you.

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Design My Interferometer

Back Reflections: Does your Light source limit you?

Laser: Paint/Tape

Damaged surfaces
Time Wasting
Warps thin parts
Consumables $


Wavelength Shifting: SLOW

>1 minute acquisitions
~0.5 mm thin limit
No visual feedback
Slow=Poor repeatability

SLED/White Light: Limited

0.3 mm thin limit
Very hard to align
Limited capture range
Manual fringe positioning

SpectrÄ: Fast, accurate, easy-to-use & cost effective

Reports Key Parameters

Form/MSF, Prism Geometry,
Wedge, TTV, Thickness,
Angles, Homogeneity
Traceable results


Easy Laser Alignment
Surface fringes viewed real-time
Millisec. acquisition, always
Fast averaging/repeatable

Cost Effective

<1 year ROI
Modular-Add to any Fizeau
S-Series: Eff. 10X Zoom
9mm to 800mm apertures

Upgrade or Refurbish Your Interferometer

Obsolete software, dead computer, failed components, and budget constraints can hinder your interferometer’s performance. Our refurbishing service updates interferometers to improve resolution, replace the laser, clean and re-align the optics, and so much more. If your budget doesn’t allow for a new system, Apre’s upgrades just make sense.


Substrate Stack Measurement with SCI


hard disk drive

The Cost of Metrology

Measure multiple surface* cavities as thin as 0.075mm

Confident accuracy with no back reflections, unique real-time visual feedback, and fast electronic fringe positioning via ÄPRE patented SCI technology

*Substrates, prisms, wafers, masks, domes, display glass, disks, boules

How it Works

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Advanced Process Control
ÄPRE's S100|HR in its first weeks of operation discovered the cause of a fabrication problem we've had for almost a year
Assistant Professor, Wyant College of Optical Sciences, UADr. B. Chalifoux
The speed and quality of [APRE's] work enabled us to get another system up and running effectively and for a reasonable cost.
IQ Lab™ Manager at OptikosH. Balonek
Innovative and high quality products with responsive support.
President, Aperture Optical SystemsF. Tinker
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