Measure multiple surface* cavities as thin as 0.075mm

Confident accuracy with no back reflections, unique real-time visual feedback, and fast electronic fringe positioning via ÄPRE patented SCI technology

*Substrates, prisms, wafers, masks, domes, display glass, disks, boules

Back Reflections: Does your light source limit you?

Laser: Paint/Tape

Damaged surfaces
Time Wasting
Warps thin parts
Consumables $

Wavelength Shifting: SLOW

>1 minute acquisitions
~0.5 mm thin limit
No visual feedback
Slow=Poor repeatability

SLED/White Light: Limited

0.3 mm thin limit
Very hard to align
Limited capture range
Manual fringe positioning

SpectrÄ: Fast, accurate, easy-to-use & cost effective

Reports Key Parameters

Form/MSF, Prism Geometry,
Wedge, TTV, Thickness,
Angles, Homogeneity
Traceable results


Easy Laser Alignment
Surface fringes viewed real-time
Millisec. acquisition, always
Fast averaging/repeatable

Cost Effective

<1 year ROI
Modular-Add to any Fizeau
S-Series: Eff. 10X Zoom
9mm to 800mm apertures

SCI measurement of a stack of three transparent substrates in one fixed setup

At ÄPRE we advance interferometry...
So YOU can lead and succeed!

How it Works

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Advanced Process Control
ÄPRE's S100|HR in its first weeks of operation discovered the cause of a fabrication problem we've had for almost a year
Assistant Professor, Wyant College of Optical Sciences, UADr. B. Chalifoux
The speed and quality of [APRE's] work enabled us to get another system up and running effectively and for a reasonable cost.
IQ Lab™ Manager at OptikosH. Balonek
Innovative and high quality products with responsive support.
President, Aperture Optical SystemsF. Tinker
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