Spectrally Controlled Interferometry (SCI) for Measurement and Analysis

Easily Measure Substrates & Prisms with SpectrÄ

Directly measure all surfaces and angles in one setup, for an ROI of < 1 year

SpectrÄ Makes the Impossible... Possible

Front/Back Surfaces

Prisms: Macro & Micro



Radius of Curvature

Stacked Substrates

TTV (75 µm)

Micro Prism Group

Are You Fighting Your Source, and Don't Know It?


Back reflections kill measurements, forcing hours of potentially damaging back surface painting or taping

White Light

Isolates yes, but nearly impossible to align, except your most skilled technician, wasting hours

Fourier, Scanning Laser

Limited isolation thicknesses plus time wasting, vibration sensitive, long measurement times

Save Hours, Minutes, Seconds with SCI

Align in Seconds

Fringes are easy to align in the laser mode, as you’d expect

Isolate to 0.075 mm Thin

Change to white light mode with a click, position fringes… no prep. needed for hours saved

And Measure

Millisecond, vibration tolerant phase measurement acquisition. Its that easy!

The Power of SCI

SCI from Äpre Instruments is a breakthrough technology that allows Sydor Optics to measure substrates more efficiently than with conventional interferometry. SCI enables the accurate measurement of flat and ultra-parallel surfaces without the interference of background fringes that are common for standard interferometric systems.
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Interferometer Sources: Fringe formation and data acquisition

Download Interferometer Sources: Fringe formation and Data Acquisition now, to learn what light source is best for your application

Interferometer Sources & Application Download