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S-Series Fizeau and LUPI Interferometers

Spheres to Thin Plates with Just One Interferometer

Yesterday's Interferometers are Costing You Today

Low Imaging Resolution
Obsolete Software
Expensive Options

Äpre Interferometers Give You More

<5s Measure to Report
No Surface Prep
Four Sources, One Interferometer
Free Software Upgrades for LIFE
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Your Fizeau Interferometer Choices: All Multi-Sourced

S50, S100, S150 SR

1-Megapixel imaging, @ Nyquist limit, the NEW General Purpose Interferometer

S50, S100, S150 HR

4-Megapixel imaging @ Nyquist limit, 4X greater slope acceptance and resolution

S50, S100, S150 HRx

9 Megapixel imaging at the Nyquist limit for the ultimate slope acceptance and Resolution


4 Megapixel Nyquist imaging for highest performance, matches a 100 mm zoom system

Your LUPI Interferometer Choices


Compact, flexible design with 1 Megapixel or 4 Megapixel imaging

Data Acquisition Choices

Visual, Vibration Tolerant PSI or Vibration Insensitive Phase

Standard & Custom Wavelengths

633 nm, 1550 nm or send us your requirement

Sources: Choose One or More, Now...or Later

HeNe Laser

The standard: Required for CGH applications

Patented SpectrÄ: SCI

Measure the impossible – FAST

Diode Laser

Bright mode for easy cavity alignment

Wavelength Shifting

When mechanical PSI is impractical

Custom Systems Built to Your Specifications

Accessories to Meet Your Measurement Needs

Reference Optics

"I have been extremely impressed by Äpre... and look forward to continuing to work with Äpre in the future."
Ted K.Blue Ridge Optics
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