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Laser Fizeau Interferometers: The S-Series
Meeting your requirements
today and in the future
Tightened tolerances, including MSF control, harsher environments, customer reporting demands and tougher competition require advancing your capabilities and investing in your future.


Fizeau interferometer performance is defined by how well it meets your needs, not esoteric parameters.
The S-Series balance optical, mechanical, electronic and software systems so  you get better products out the door faster.


SCI READY! In both STANDARD and HIGH Resolution Models


Image resolution indicates how small of a feature is measured. Today image resolution is important as mid-spatial frequencies, produced by modern CNC polishers, must be seen, measured and controlled. The S-Series HR and SR interferometers have diffraction limited imaging; going beyond simple camera pixels to total system performance.

The S-Series: The NEW definition of performance and value.

MAXIMIZED Fringe Resolution

Fringe resolution indicates how far a part can deviate from perfect and still be measurable. It is related to image resolution as a large optical system field stop supports high resolution imaging and large wavefront slopes that support high fringe resolution.

Start finish polishing or system alignment sooner: the S-Series maximizes fringe resolution.


Retrace Error occurs when your part is not perfect. Sloped wavefronts, seen as dense fringes create this error. When measuring an imperfect part or with vibration insensitive Fringe Carrier acquisition this error is unavoidable and needs to be minimized.

The S-Series has nearly un-measureable retrace errors.

LOW Image Distortion

Image distortion indicates if the measured feature is in the correct spot. A distorted image drives the CNC polisher to the wrong spot. All S-Series interferometers have <0.1% distortion.

The S-Series faithfully maps the surface without distortion.

MINIMIZED Image Field Curvature

Field flatness indicates the image can be focused from center to edge simultaneously. With a flat field the highest image resolution is maintained across your part.

The S-Series sees the same resolution across the entire part.

POWERFUL Data Analysis and Reporting

The best optics are nothing without software to match. Vibration tolerant acquisition, complete analysis of key parameters to ISO standards, and an often neglected requirement – flexible reporting specific to your needs and not resorting to screen grabs.

The S-Series is based on ÄPRE’s REVEAL™ software providing measurement to report in <10 seconds.

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