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Surface and Wavefront Measurement Solutions to Boost Your ROI

Äpre designs and manufactures state-of-the-art interferometry systems and software to advance your optical manufacturing capabilities. Starting with balanced high-end performance, modern general-purpose interferometers and proprietary light sources, our customers turn to us to optimize their processes and reduce the risk of manufacturing downtime. 

How do we do it?

We continue looking ahead to help streamline and optimize your precision optical metrology workflow.

Why Äpre

As a team of scientists and engineers, we’re passionate about helping the optics industry solve challenges through innovative metrology solutions. We specialize in advancing interferometry to help the industry lead and succeed. Our high-end interferometry systems allow you to measure form to mid-spatial frequencies on plano to highly sloped surfaces with no loss of accuracy, and wavefronts for complex optical systems, giving you the results that you need in  your specific application. By using Äpre’s high quality and innovative products, you’ll feel confident with your results while saving time and money.

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"Innovative and high quality products with responsive support."
F. TinkerPresident Aperture Optical Systems
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