Revive your aging or dead interferometers to their theoretical best at 1/3rd the cost of new!


  • 1-MegaPixel measurement camera
  • New alignment camera (if applicable)
  • Modern electronics
  • New remote control
  • Latest PC computer, 64-bit W7 or W10 OS, and 24” Monitor
  • APRE REVEAL™ - with vibration tolerant data acquisition
  • Clean
  • Performance test with report
  • Train you on its operation

Repair - Upon Approval

  • Replace broken or failing components (optical, mechanical and electrical)
  • Align system components
  • Deep clean inside optical subsystems

"The upgrade took 4 weeks and saved us $30,000. We were able to roll that savings into a radius of curvature update; we now have a new system with increased capability and came in under budget."  

Jason C.  

Interferometers Upgraded/Restored

  • Zygo™ (Mark®, Mark-GPI®, GPI®, Verifire®)
  • Wyko (6000 and 4000 series)
  • Phase Shift Technology (miniFiz – all varieties)
  • Möller Wedel™
  • Buccini LUPI (and similar)
  • Custom In-House and OEM Interferometers
  • Mechanical Phase Shifting or Wavelength Shifting

Simple/Standard Computer Interfaces

Thin USB cables replace heavy, vibration inducing cables.
Standard connections eliminate data acquisition or frame grabber boards.

From obsolete to modern,
From complex to simple...

it's a second life