Time is Money

You need to figure surfaces fast and accurately. While controlling midspatial frequencies.

Your customers demand it; your business depends on it.

Scale Up Your Capabilities

The S-Series Fizeau Interferometers

  • Converge faster, polish surfaces 5X further from final form
  • Correct at the right spot with >10X lower image distortion
  • Control 6X finer midspatial frequencies
  • Robust vibration tolerant and vibration insensitive data acquisition
  • Fast, 6 seconds from measurementtocustom report

Converge Faster with High Slope Acceptance

The S-Series see 5X higher surface slopes to which other interferometers are blind. Higher surface slope means you start correcting sooner, thus ship sooner. The S-Series is accurate to <λ/20 even at these extreme slopes. And if adding a null lenses or CGR an S-Series can be treated as an ideal system, a tremendous advantage.


Control Mid-Spatials with Diffraction Limited Imaging

To control mid-spatial frequencies you have to see and measure them. The S100|HR measures a fingerprint, the ultimate in mid-spatial frequencies, and you can now see whose fingerprint it is!


Interferometer Test Target


Based on ÄPRE’s REVEAL™

The S100|HR runs on any 64-bit Windows® OS, 64-bit power that easily supports 4-Megapixel acquisition and analysis, even with multiple measurement results open at the same time.

Performance is not limited by slope, spatial frequency, vibration nor computer OS, and you get measurement-to-custom report in 6 seconds. That’s performance that matters.

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