Custom Systems

Interferometer systems rapidly developed at the aperture, wavelength or configuration specified, without being limited to one manufacturer’s range of products

Your requirement is unique.

Sometimes off-the-shelf will not do; commercial interferometers are a compromise between applications, customers and markets. Äpre Instruments can provide that custom system and software to meet your unique specification. Here is how:

Interferometer Application and Design Expertise: All aspects of application, optical and mechanical design, plus software and algorithms expertise all reside within Äpre Instruments.

Fast: We quickly identify the best architecture to balance your requirements and schedule, Our design experience speeds the development of robust, manufacturable systems. Starting from first principles and a blank CAD file, or our proprietary design library, Äpre Instruments can choose the fastest path.

Flexible: Äpre Instruments can provide a system tailored for you. And if appropriate, we can integrate any of several commercial systems configured to your requirements.

Complete: Äpre Instruments can supply the complete solution: Interferometer, proprietary software, stages and fixtures. The entire measurement process is configured to your specific requirements and integrated into a single solution.

No other company offers you this range of flexibility and capability.

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