Metrology Software for Interferometers

Introducing REVEAL 22.2

REVEAL 22 Starts with the REVEAL Launcher UNIQUE and NEW!: No interferometer is an island…with REVEAL 22.2. Load measurement recipies and report forms from a central controlled library. Automatically save data to your database. Eliminates setup errors, and user-to-user variations by standardizing the entire measurement process from a central, password controlled location.

NEW! Setup user access and passwords: In the Profile Manager grant or restrict global or individual access to measurements. Assign what can be edited, where data is saved, and then password (encrypted) protect.

NEW! Configure your hardware with a click: ÄPRE state-of-the-art interferometers use multiple sources, which means multiple hardware configurations. Just switch the source, click the hardware configuration and launch REVEAL 22 to start measuring.

Inside REVEAL 22

REVEAL functionality is maintained: All the menus, results, screens, data and setups are maintained. So there is no learning curve on REVEAL functionality.

More Analyses are Standard: Standard analysis, Optical Shop Testing and Fourier Analysis are included in the standard package so licensing is easier.

NEW! Create Your Own Custom Screens: With an easy to use editor, display the graphs and results required and even set GO/NOGO tolerance flags on important results. Then save your custom screen for future use. The screen at the right was configured in five minutes! It’s that easy.

NEW! “Undo” mask shapes. You’re in the middle of creating a mask and you want to make a change. The new Undo function takes you back one step to retry. Less time lost, and more freedom to experiment.

NEW! Event Log: Sometimes “things” happen. To correct an error and to get production up and running the Event Log gives you just the important information. Now you can act on it, or contact ÄPRE with the key information, and save time.

Future Releases

REVEAL 22.1 is the first of several releases that will make interferometry faster, more accurate, and easier to use. All to give you control over your production processes like no other interferometer software can.

Contact ÄPRE to get REVEAL 22.1 on your system today.

Over nine years ago REVEAL innovated interferometer software

Now REVEAL 22 increases its ease-of-use, simplifies setup, and tightens security

Traceable Measurement to Report <5 seconds

Traceable Metrology

Saved profiles/process trees and report library assure analysis stability user to user, day to day. Data saved with all raw data, masks and filters…you know today and tomorrow how you got your results.

Easy to Learn, Backward Compatible & 64 bit Stable

Internet browser like design is familiar and uncluttered and easy to learn and with .dat file formats you can save new data compatible with you database or analyze old data on REVEAL. With 64 bit Windows 10 operation large data sets are easily handled and your IT department will appreciate the W10 security.

A Complete Metrology Package – SELECTED PARAMETERS

What Users are Saying

“I found the analysis tree to be the most valuable feature of the REVEAL software. It gives the user visibility into the many layers of data processing that occur when making a measurement.”

“REVEAL software is intuitive, easy to navigate and very capable in a myriad of applications, but the thing I appreciate most about it is the extensive, exceptionally organized, visually pleasing and effortlessly generated reports.”

“[REVEAL] has a very user friendly interface and offers multiple ways to view the data. This makes analysis and qualification quick and easy.”

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