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Only 6 Interferometer Specifications Matter...

Download our Interferometer Specification Field Guide now, because knowing the right specifications makes you a knowledgeable user and saves you money.

Homepage Field Guide Download

Prisms & Substrates Measurements Made Easy...

Download Prisms & Substrates Measurements Made Easy now, learn how ÄPRE's SCI technology enables faster, more accurate results with great ROI

Prisms & Substrates: Measurements Made Easy

Interferometer Sources: Fringe formation and data acquisition

Download Interferometer Sources: Fringe formation and Data Acquisition now, to learn what light source is best for your application

Interferometer Sources & Application Download

Brief History of Fizeau Interferometry

Download a Brief History of Optical Test Fizeau Interferometry, now. To understand interferometer design and potential future directions

Brief History of Fizeau Interferometry

Interferometer Design: Not all Equal

Download Interferometer Shattering the Myth of Interferometer Equality: Exploring the Importance of Design"  now, to learn which interferometer design best suits your application

Not All Interferometers Equal