Äpre Instruments does:

S100|HR Laser Fizeau Interferometer

Diffraction Limited 2K X 2K Performance for $76,000. In just 6 seconds measure 4.2 megapixels of diffraction limited phase data and produce a customizable report. Quickly converge to final figure with λ/20 accuracy even up to 6.5 fringes/mm, 5X more than you’d expect.

Interferometer Upgrades

Upgrade any interferometer to 1Kx1K & Vibration Tolerant PSI, from $17,000.

OEM Software

Custom OEM instrument control software in less than six months without the major expense, risk and time of creating software from scratch.

Custom Systems

Metrology systems rapidly developed at the aperture, wavelength or configuration specified, without being limited to one manufacturer’s range of products, or the risk and expense of creating an in-house expert team.